DFW PrimeTimers - About Us
In 1987, the first chapter of Prime Timers was founded in Boston by a retired professor, Woody Baldwin. He felt a wide gap in a society which caters to youth. This worship of eternal youth remains flagrant in the twenty-first century in gay culture. Woody organized the Boston Chapter by placing ads in local newspapers and soliciting his many friends. Though he expected only a handful to respond, he was surprised when over 40 showed up for that faithful first meeting. Woody saw this response as the clarion call to initiate an organization that is concerned with the social and cultural needs of mature gay and bisexual men.

Presently, chapters exist worldwide. Always growing because everywhere in the world are mature gay or bisexual men who seek personal fulfillment through social interaction with other mature men and their admirers.

Prime Timers-Dallas/Ft. Worth, Inc. (founded March 1990) has 120 members, but always welcomes more. You are invited to check out the balance of this web site for more information. If your interests are similar to ours, we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to a Prime Timer event very soon.

If you don't live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and want to locate a Prime Timers chapter near you, then click the Prime Timers Worldwide link: http://www.primetimersww.org/ which lists all chapters. If you do not find a chapter convenient to you, you and your friends could organize one by contacting Prime Timers Worldwide. Someone there will be glad to assist you in establishing yet another social chapter that serves the interests of mature gay and bisexual men.

If a chapter is not near you, and you don't feel up to starting a new one, you may join Prime Timers Worldwide as an independent member. An independent member is a man, perhaps like yourself, who does not live near an existing Prime Timers Worldwide chapter or affiliate. Independent membership offers many of the same opportunities available to other Prime Timers. Membership information for individuals may be obtained by contacting: http://www.primetimersww.org/.