DFW PrimeTimers - Contact Us
Prime Timers of Dallas-Fort Worth, Inc. may be contacted via E-mail, U.S. Mail, or telephone. Obviously, since you are reading this page on our web site, you have E-mail capability. We prefer to communicate with you via E-mail, as it is the least expensive form of communication. However, we have listed below both our snail-mail address and telephone number for those that may be reading this page in a printed configuration.

Send an E-mail to:

If you prefer to contact us or a particular director via snail mail (U.S. mail),
then address your correspondence as follows:

Prime Timers of Dallas-Fort Worth, Inc.
P.O. Box 191101
Dallas, TX 75219-8101

If you prefer to contact us via telephone, then call us at 972-504-8866. Upon reaching our voice message center, please leave your name, area code, telephone number, and a brief message. However, if you are simply requesting more information about our organization, then leave either your E-mail or snail mail address so we may correspond with you.