DFW PrimeTimers - Purpose
Prime Timers-DFW offers many opportunities for social, educational, and self-improvement activities for men. Scheduled events include potluck dinners, movie nights, restaurant dining, game events, picnic outings and trips to the theater. Hardly a day goes by without an opportunity to socialize with other Prime Timers. When members with special interests propose activities/events that Prime Timers have yet to sponsor, the Regular and Special Events Chairmen explore the possibility of adding new and exciting events.

Though the events mentioned are scheduled regularly, special events-plays, musicals, concerts, festivals, and both out-of and in-state travel complete the Prime Timers' activities.

Members choose to attend events from the many offered. Actually, no one could attend them all. Members, on the one hand, may choose to be extremely active and accept every opportunity to meet lots of other men just like themselves. On the other hand, members may view Prime Timers as an extension or supplement to their lifestyles by selectively choosing among the opportunities provided by Prime Timers.

Prime Timers-DFW, a non-profit, non-political social organization, keeps its membership list confidential and never releases it for any commercial purpose.

As a member of Prime Timers, you can look forward to widening your circle of friends while attending a multitude of monthly events. For instance, we often dine in at various members' homes in potluck style, and we dine out at local restaurants "Dutch treat." Also, we have many sub groups that watch movies, attend theater, play cards, sing, travel, or whatever else interests them. Any activity can be added to our very diverse monthly calendar of events when there is sufficient interest.

Various special events occur during the year that keep our members on the go. For instance, we have special celebrations during the Holiday Season for our members, guests, and families. As a Prime Timer, you will always be welcomed at our events.

Besides our local special events, our parent organization provides numerous opportunities to travel and meet other Prime Timers. Every two years in October, we hold our Prime Timers Worldwide Convention: Boston (1991), Vancouver (1993), Dallas (1995), Palm Springs (1997 and 2001), Washington, D.C. (1999), Houston (2003), Orlando (2005), Reno (2007), and Toronto (2009). Every February, many Prime Timers gather in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Our activities include a lot more than watching parades! Every Labor Day we gather in Oklahoma City for the final parties of the summer season. Some years we hold a big garage sale to get rid of our treasures.

Third Sunday, our monthly newsletter, sent to all members in good standing, keeps our members well informed. Besides information about the board of directors' plans, it includes a message from our President, a calendar of events for the upcoming month's regular activities, advance notice of special events, and many opportunities for our members. It also includes jokes, cartoons, stories, letters, and other information of interest to our members.

Whether you are new to Dallas/Ft. Worth, coming out late in life, or simply wanting to make new friends, accept our invitation to attend some of our events. We're waiting to shake your hand.